Poor Coaching Sees Zimbabwe Fail To Qualify For Africa Cup Of Nations

Zimbabwe has failed to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa next year.

Everything that has never been done before had been put into place. Loads of money was raised, huge prizes were offered for the players if they qualified and yet Rahman Gumbo fluffed his lines.

It was simple enough. Zimbabwe score one goal or just don’t concede. Leading 3-1 you simply needed to make sure you didn’t lose 2-0.

Fact is Gumbo tried to attack in a game when he should have tried the counter-attack route. Knowledge Musona showed very little commitment, much the same way that he walked away from the team because of some tiff he had with ZIFA. Then there were the Asiagate players who were suddenly drafted into the match, rewarding players for being part of a disgraceful period in our game. Why didn’t he use the players who showed commitment in the match before? Ask him.

Our defence was slow. In the middle of the park, Nengomasha was as rubbish as the worst player in Zimbabwean history and yet he still played a full match. Why? Ask Gumbo.

Forget the poor typical African refereeing, Zimbabwe were just rubbish against an average Angolan side.

Did we have a shot on target?

Sadly, Zimbabwe did not lose to a superior side. We lost because of inferior coaching.

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