Where Are They Now:Ronaldo

Ronaldo is probably one of the best soccer players of the modern game.He burst onto the soccer scene in the 1990s and mersmerised soccer fans with his speed and ball control.

The Brazilian has won everything any soccer player may dream of. His achievements include winning 3FIFA Player of the year awards, 2 World cups, 2 European Footballer of the Year Award,World Cup Golden Ball, Golden Boot, Dutch Cup, Spainish league, Brazilian league UEFA Cup, UEFA Cup Winners Cup, and Olympic Bronze.

Most players usually leave the game gracefully and retire to travelling and spending the million they made entertaining the world. However we are rather worried by Ronaldo who seems to have literally dropped the ball when it comes to his health.

So with such a list of accolades one would think that the young man uses some of the workout routines he learnt during his soccer days to keep in shape, but it’s as if Ronaldo just said screw this, I don’t see any reason to be on a carrots and cucumber diet anymore.

The sad bit is he is still young, but at 36 years old he now looks like the granddaddy of soccer. Other athletes’ now look at him with a pity in their eyes, the same way they look at Mohammad Ali.

All we can say to Ronaldo is “lay low” on those hamburgers because they are going to take you to your grave rather early.

Click to watch the out of shape Ronaldo below-

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