Muzhingi Needs Sponsorship For New York Marathon

Three-time Comrades Marathon Winner Stephen Muzhingi looks to be failing to make it to the compete in the New York Marathon due to lack of corporate sponsorship.

Muzhingi who was previously sponsored by Seed Co, says the company has indicated that it will not be able to carry on with the sponsorship this year.

Muzhingi first ran in the race, which takes place on the first Sunday of November every year, in 2009, where he came 33rd.

The situation has prompted Minister for Education, Sport, Arts and Culture David Coltart to tweet this earlier today:

Please would someone in the #Zimbabwean corporate sector sponsor Stephen Muzhingi to run in the New York Marathon.

We really do hope he gets sponsorship. In any other country worth its salt, loads of corporates would be queuing up to give him the money needed for him to carry Zimbabwe’s flag at this prestigious event.

Come on now, this is a three-time Comrades winner. Let’s do this!

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