Musona Situation Is Not Being Handled Maturely

Knowledge Musona is a brilliant football player who is probably the best in Zimbabwea colours since Peter Ndlovu.

He scores goals consistently for the team which is what you need from your striker.

Recently ZIFA CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze insinuated that Musona was colluding with the dirty Asiagate people, by under-performing in national team matches.

Musona got upset and decided he wasn’t going to play for the national team unless ZIFA apologised to him. ZIFA showed no interest in apologising and then the next round of matches was suddenly upon us with Zimbabwe in a crucial fixture against Angola. Coach Rahman Gumbo called him up and it wasn’t until it was too late that Musona then said he was available.

ZIFA it is said did poorly at communicating with Musona’s team. ZIFA in reality have always done poorly at these things but it has never been an issue until now. We know that the mother body is circus which inherits its ineptitude from the even worse world governing body FIFA. That is not new and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Could Musona have come anyway? Absolutely. Did he genuinely want to come? Maybe at the last minute. That he chose to hold the country at ransom in the first place was pretty silly. He is a brilliant player and his absence on Sunday will be felt.

However, he and ZIFA need to grow up and keep it moving. Musona needs to realise that playing for Zimbabwe is an honour and instead of removing his commitment he should be doubling it. As for ZIFA, they just need to get their act together and focus on their job.

Just saying…

  • dutch

    I support Musona fully for not putting up with all that Zifa nonsense

    • ZIFA has always been nonsense and more accomplished players have put the country first before personal gratification.

  • Musona is immature,u dont vent your anger,caused by an organisation that everyone knows is corrupt and rotten with politics at the expense of 10million plus zimbabwean supporters. Samuel etoo,being wealthy and accomplished as he is(a legend) has endured even worse from the cfa yet he still fights for a place in the national team. Musona is a sellout if you ask me! just saying…

    • That is the point here. It is not as if ZIFA suddenly became bad this year

  • thandowako

    We are so used to mediaocrity to the xtent that when someone acts against it we think that the person is crazy, immature or whatever names we want to call him. ZIFA is Mediocre and Musona is against that. And thats a FACT! Musona for Life!

    • Then he might as well take it up with FIFA because they are worse than ZIFA themselves. Quit the sport then.