Musona, Karuru In Match-Fixing Probe

The already struggling Zimbabwe football fraternity received another knock yesterday with the news that star striker Knowledge Musona and Ovidy Karuru are under investigation for match-fixing.

This comes after the two were spotted at disgraced former ZIFA head Henrietta Rushwaya’s house. The fear within ZIFA is that elements from the old regime  were causing dissention among players.

The probe will focus on the last two matches in which the national team failed to win against Guinea and Mozambique. The two players in question were accused of lacking commitment.

Rushwaya was implicated in the infamous Asiagate scandal and hauled before the courts. She was however acquitted on a technicality even though the whole country is inclined to believe that her hands are dirty.

We are not sure if the argument against both players holds much water but if it does then it would be a huge disappointment. The other side of it all is that if proven false it sets a bad precedent. It says that if a player happens to have an off-day, then he must be fixing a match.

That said, why would Musona and Karuru be seen at Rushwaya’s house though, given what is now her reputation?