Maponga Becomes First Zimbabwean In The NFL

Stansly Maponga is the first Zimbabwean to play for a team in the lucrative National Football League in the United States.

Stansly Maponga

Stansly Maponga now Falcon

The defensive end/linebacker  player was a fifth round draft pick for the Atlanta Falcons. He was 153rd all round in the picks. The Falcons even traded up ten spots to get him.

Of course this is only the beginning of his career now but he is in there now. His strengths according to his profile is his quickness  of the snap, penetration to put pressure on a passer, runs the arc well on his outside moves. While people will talk about his size, he has good length and will work well in a system that allows him to attack the quarterback.

Some analysts say that with the right work he will be a regular starter within the next three years in the comrades filter.

We say best of luck to the young man as he does Zimbabwe proud with this achievement.

Before the move to the Falcons he was at Texas Christian University.

Click here to check out the story we wrote about him here when he declared for the draft.

With information from the Bleacher Report

  • get that paper man, kokota gaba rose

  • doofus

    how is he zimbabwewan?! he was born in Texas?

  • cuda82

    @d04cf91c94d830e03635afa6348d5aaa:disqus he left zim when he was 8, stop hating

    • Nhai zvako iwe. Even if he had been born in the states and he chose to identify himself as a Zimbabwean would we take his identity away from him?

  • Zimbabwe and being desperate for glory, he is a US citizen now, our stupid policies keep chasing all the talents we had. yes we are talented bt why do our people only excel when they get out of our stupid system?

    • That us a unfortunate statement. Very unfortunate. Very bitter too. Unhelpful for the conversation. Watch his interviews. He is proud of Zim heritage.


    Congrats to the man!!

  • Rasi

    nice ndimbaldo

    • Ndimbaldo zvorevei?

      • Rizzla

        It’s a portmanteau playing on the word “ndimba” which means a heavy set person and Ronaldo the famous moniker of a few very talented football players.