Live cricket radio commentary returns

ZIMBABWE Cricket (ZC) continues to bring cricket to the masses by reintroducing live radio commentary via the county’s national broadcasters.

The move comes with a new innovation of radio commentary in the country’s vernaculars –Shona and Ndebele broadcasted on S FM and Radio Zimbabwe. Live updates and commentary will air at 10 minute intervals five minutes after every hour on both radio stations. ZC believes diversifying the updates through language bring more people closer to cricket.

“The bulk of Zimbabwe’s population listens to Radio Zimbabwe. A lot of the listeners are based in the rural areas and in order for us to create an interest not only to spectators but followers of cricket.

“We would like to take cricket to the masses. Cricket is currently the second largest spectator sport in the country but we are a distant second to football. Our hope is change obviously to become the prime sport in the country,” said a ZC spokesman.

Zimbabwe national women’s team captain Julia Chibhabha extends her involvement in cricket along with fellow team mate Sinikiwe Mpofu as the country’s first ever female commentators. Chibhabha tripled up as a scorer, coach and national team player and believes that commentary will further enhance her performance by observing and analysing other cricketers play.

“It’s a great experience for me and challenges my knowledge and understanding of the game –I am enjoying the feeling. I am glad to get this opportunity because it requires me to clearly understand all the elements of a game which I think will also help me when I am on the field,” said Chibhabha

From – Zimbabwe Cricket Website

  • Its nice to hear that cricket’s radio commentary is back.It reminds me of the old times when people stuck to their radios to get the latest scores.Great news.Thanks for sharing.