Knowledge Musona Threatens To Quit Warriors

Knowledge Musona, who is probably the best striker Zimbabwe has at the moment has threatened to quit the national team if  the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) does not retract its claims that the forward is involved in a match-fixing ring.

Last month, ZIFA CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze, claimed that the German-based striker had been involved in some nasty business with disgraced former CEO Henrietta Rushwaya. Musona has told ZIFA to prove the allegations or he will never play for the team again.

We think that Musona is absolutely right to take this stance if he has indeed done nothing wrong. Given the fact that he went on to score the winner straight after being accused and we really do think he gave an effort in the two preceding matches the allegations leveled against Musona are awful if baseless.

Many suspected that it was ZIFA covering up for their involvement in the poor showing of the  Warriors in World Cup qualifying matches at the time.

We also believed that it set a bad precedent for the next time a player performed badly for the national team. They could easily be accused of match-fixing.

If such a toxic atmosphere is created by ZIFA then we are not surprised that Musona is not keen.