Heroic Warriors Douse Flames

Zimbabwe national football team pulled of a heroic result against Malawi in an African Cup of Nations qualifier in Blantyre.

idreamlikecrazy / Foter / CC BY

After all the madness that went into the preparations for the tie against Malawi.

Cuthbert Malajila and Khama Billiart were on target for the Warriors as Kalisto Pasuwa’s men pulled of what looked like an impossible task against the Flames.

Look, we can talk about the match itself which was a brave fight. But after the madness, of the preparations our toast goes to all the people who made this trip happen. From Pasuwa who has worked so tirelessly to give us a team.

We are proud of all the boys who took that 12 hour ride. We  are proud of Walter Magaya for putting money in for this to happen. And ZIFA we are proud of you too. You really worked on this. Sure it was not perfect but it is moments like this when you realise that sacrifice is what this country needs.

12 hours on a bus after one training session and you beat a team that has been in camp for almost two months.

You really make us proud.

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