Haye-Chisora Fight Receives WBC Threat

Looks as if the World Boxing Council really doesn’t fancy Derek Chisora. They have said that anyone who is involved in his upcoming fight against David Haye on 14 July will have their license with it withdrawn.

The body indefinitely suspended Chisora earlier this year for his behaviour before and after the fight with Vitali Klitschko in February. Chisora also had his license suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control(BBBofC). Promoter Frank Warren waded through the red tape and got a license from Luxembourg.

It seems as if the WBC, however, will have none of it. The BBBofC has also said that anyone involved in the bout holding a license of theirs would also be under threat. That includes Warren.

Warren however maintains that he has not done anything wrong. He has sought clarification from the BBBofC on the matter.

At this rate, they may have to go and randomly hit each other on the street and leak the tape. Or make it into a reality TV show.