Frank Warren Gets The Fight He Wants As Chisora Faces Haye

We suspected something was up when David Haye pitched up at the post-match press conference to goad Derek Chisora after his loss to Vitali Klitschko.

Haye was there on a Boxnation bill. Frank Warren, Chisora’s promoter owns Boxnation. We thought it was to create hype for the next Chisora fight. Then Frank Warren stood up and suggested that Haye fight Chisora in the ring. Haye and Warren had manipulated the future. There was a grudge and the fight had to happen.

The glitch was both Haye(retired) and Chiisora(suspended) did not have BBBofC licenses so they couldn’t do it that easily. Not a problem for Warren who then buggered off to Luxemborg and got the license and now the ‘grudge match’ is set for 14 July 2012. The Sun is sponsoring it.

Warren gets paid. Haye gets paid. Chisora gets the change. The rest get conned.

What crazy thing Will Chisora do this time?