Barry and Mike speak on why they’ve moved to ZiFM

So the cat has been out of the bag (and advertised actually).

Mike Madoda (left) and Barry manandi

Sports anchors Barry Manandi and Mike Madoda have joined ZiFM Stereo after leaving Power FM.

The move sees them join the ZiFM Sports team where they link up with Marc Pozzo as advertised.

We caught up with Mike Madoda and asked him, why the move?

We believe ZiFM has the best team in the game. The best players play for the best team. It’s a move that made sense for both parties.

But why leave PowerFM where you looked so happy?

PowerFM was gravitating towards more music and less talk and we were looking for fresh challenge on a more dynamic and savvy station.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Ok we get it and so what happens to Sportsline?

 Sportsline lives! Barry and Mike on ZiFM on a serious note, Sportsline will continue to be the online phenom that it is, after all, that was it’s genesis.

Well all the best to them. They kick off on 3 April and will be on weekdays between 6 and 7pm.