Ballon D’or-Gate: Matongorere Says He Didn’t Vote, So Who Did?

According to mainstream media noone, according to ZIFA, knows who voted as Zimbabwe captain in the FIFA Ballon D’Or.

According to the FIFA document, it was ZIFA technical director Nelson Matongorere. He now says he didn’t vote but just signed some papers as part of procedure in his capacity and not as captain. He said it would be unprofessional for him to vote.

Then captain Tapiwa Kapini didn’t vote. Neither one of his deputy captains voted.

Social media was awash with various theories yesterday some of them a bit silly to be honest, but now it seems if all them were way off the mark.

Maybe there was no captain because ZIFA had disbanded the team after that defeat at the hands of the Angolans in that match in Luanda which we will now stop talking about.

So then begs the question, what other documents are being signed or processes being authorised by people who are not supposed to be there at Livingstone Avenue.

Oh ZIFA. Why do you do this?

With information from Newsday/The Herald (Zimbabwe)

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