Ballon D’or Farce: Now Rahman Gumbo Says He Didn’t Vote!

The controversy surrounding Zimbabwe’s representatives voting in the FIFA Ballon D’Or took another twist this weekend after former Warriors coach Rahman Gumbo sensationally said he had not cast his ballot.

Who voted then? ·júbilo·haku· / / CC BY-NC-ND

According to FIFA records Gumbo had voted as Zimbabwe coach, ZIFA technical director Nelson Matongorere as captain and Charles Mabika as our media representative.

As it stands only Charles Mabika has said he cast a vote. Matongorere said he had not done so and now Gumbo, who was relieved of his duties last month following failure to qualify for this year’s Africa Cup of Nations says he did not and has never voted in the Ballon D’Or.

Look, it is pretty clear that something weird is going on and as we said before if the error is on the ZIFA end then you wonder how many things are done by unauthorised personnel at Livingstone House.

It could all be a clerical error on the FIFA end but that said one would ask, who voted as coach then if the person who was in charge at the time of the vote wasn’t the one?

It’s smelly! The nation needs answers.

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