Ballon D’Or Farce: Matongorere In Trouble As ZIFA Investigations Continue

The cross-hairs on ZIFA  Technical Director Nelson Matongorere after it emerged last week that he had voted both as captain and coach the Zimbabwe national team the FIFA Ballon D’Or vote.

While Matongorere denies the vote it would appear as people within ZIFA believe that he was the one who voted after former coach Rahman Gumbo denied he had cast a vote as indicated by FIFA records. The same FIFA records show that Matongorere voted as Zimbabwe captain to the dismay of many.

ZIFA have since put together to investigate the farce, but their names have been withheld until the conclusion of the inquiry.

It is no wonder then that Asiagate happened when you have ridiculous things like this happening. It means there are people with eyes completely off the ball. The next question is how much of this incompetence is going on?

No wonder the national team never gets anywhere.