AUDIO: We are building for the future – Zimbabwe Cricket chair Mukuhlani

Zimbabwe Cricket board chairperson Dr Tavengwa Mukuhlani spoke exclusively to 3-mob radio about the plans in place to make sure the future of the game is strong in the country.

Tavengwa Mukuhlani PIC: HMetro

Mukuhlani was speaking on the side of the launch of the Zimbabwe Rising Stars Cricket Academy at a hotel in Harare.

In the first of a two part interview Mukuhlani says the new venture addresses a gap in development

There has been a gap, a missing link between high school cricket, between a kid coming out f the Under-19 going into the development swuad or going into the A team or into the national team. You can see Ryan Burl is already in the national team but have we prepared him enough. The answer is no…. They are good players. They are good talents. We need to nurture that talent and refine them. We need to teach them what it takes to play at national team level.

Mukhuhlani also said that Zimbabwe was in a unique situation where the country has a weak domestic league  and it affects the career path of a cricketer. So this new initiative sees them being taken out of this environment to play other teams experiencing totally different conditions.

Mukhuhlani also says the academy will be used as a preparatory stage for players who will play 10 to 15 years in the game.

Listen to the first part of our interview below:

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