Asiagate:15 Banned For Life But Is It Enough?

ZIFA have released the names of players, officials and journalists who have been banned for life:

These are:

Henrietta Rushwaya, Jonathan Musavengana, Kudzai Shabba, Sunday Chidzambwa, Thompson Matenda, Godfrey Japajapa, Rodwell Dhlakama, Emmanuel Nyahuma, Robson Sharuko, Edmore Sibanda, Danisa Phiri, Thomas Sweswe, Guthrie Zhokinyi, Method Mwanjali, Hope Chizuzu

ZIFA has also said there will be further batches of names released of people banned for between 1 and 10 years from the game. This means that this should play out for a little longer.

Asiagate has rocked Zimbabwe’s football circles ever since it came out and ZIFA President Cuthbert Dube says that there are still elements working against the game. He even sensationally said that Zimbabwe’s fateful match against Angola was fixed.

In as far as the game is concerned ZIFA has done the right thing by banning these individuals. This is as far as they can go but the sanctions have to be a bit heavier we think. Not from the ZIFA end but from the courts’ end. There must be a statement made to the effect that we will not tolerate corruption in the Zimbabwe and not just in the game.

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