Asiagate: State Drops Charges Against Rushwaya

In what will not come as a shock, charges have been dropped against former ZIFA boss Henrietta Rushwaya as the state could not find solid evidence to prosecute her.

Rushwaya was in charge of ZIFA during the time when matches were fixed by players, coaches and administrators. Some players have since been cleared.

We can’t say we are surprised by this outcome given the way the state had been increasingly relaxing bail restrictions on her. The fact that there were people who protested outside the court when the charges were dropped means that people were not satisfied with the handling of the whole affair.

We guess that the fact that the state always seems to be unable to find evidence of people who seem to be guilty is one of the reason why this country has a huge corruption problem. So many people have been arrested but we can’t think of anyone who has been actually found guilty and sentenced. This is either because our state prosecutors are incompetent or the people protecting the baddies are just wily.

We are not saying that she is guilty but for things that happened under her watch and which disgraced a whole country, she should have been held accountable.