Asiagate: Will We Learn Anything?

So the hearings surrounding the Asiagate footballing scandal started yesterday at Alexandra Sports Club behind closed doors. The ZIFA Ethics Committee is expected to interview 100 players and officials to find out their involvement in the whole sham.

We of course wonder whether this will be another case of playing to the gallery with no intention of bringing anyone to book. If the result of this act of treason is simply the book thrown at players already implicated alone with the bigger fish going scot-free then it is an exercise in futility. We are already skeptical given the treatment of former ZIFA CEO Henrietta Rushwaya who has had bail terms so relaxed, she might as well not have any.

You see, we don’t think that Asiagate is about the players at all. Yes, they performed high treason by selling their country’s reputation for a song. It is about the hidden hand behind all this and whether the players are and people behind them are willing to finger them. Without this, then the bad guys will simply find ways of not getting caught.

After all, match-fixing has loads of money.