Asiagate Fall-Out Gets Nasty As ZIFA CEO Is Arrested

Zimbabwe Football Association  CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze was arrested yesterday on charges of criminal defamation charges.

You see, Mashingaidze caused a bit of a tits-up when he said that Knowledge Musona and Ovidy Karuru had met with his predecessor, the disgraced Henrietta Rushwaya for the purposes of making sure that the two Warriors players sabotaged the current regime by playing badly.

Of course, we all know that this was done to cover the current board’s failures after the poor performance of the national team.

So it turns out that Rushwaya is having none of it. She has laid charges against Mashingaidze for criminal defamation.

The problem for us is that Mashingaidze provided no evidence of naughty business. He just accused the lot of being bad, went sensational and didnt even bother to record it all on his phone.

This puts Mashingaidze in  a very bad position. He has to provide evidence that this stuff happened or else is knee-deep in it.

Then there is the Musona factor where the Warriors striker has placed  himself in exile until the ZIFA retracts its allegations of naughty behaviour on the part of the player.

We wonder how this is going to pan out.