About Sunday Chidzambwa and that one year Zifa contract

So the Zimbabwe Football Association on Thursday decided that it would appoint Sunday Chidzambwa as its coach… for one year.

Sunday Chidzambwa

Arguably the most successful coach out of Zimbabwe, he was very few people’s first choice in a world where other countries are making different decisions and strides in the footballing world.

Chidzambwa tasted success earlier this season when he won the COSAFA Castle Cup, making him the most successful coach in the history of the competition.

While that is commendable that was the only recent success he tastes with the Warriors.

He then went on to get knocked out by Namibia for Zimbabwe and as ZPC Kariba’s coach led them to an uninspiring 10th place finish in the Premier Soccer League, a mere seven points above relegation.

And this is the man who Zifa have seen fit to lead the team forward.

The telling statement for us was he was appointed and expected to be a success be cause he has ‘no club distractions’.

Unless it is a case of noone who wanted it was affordable it boggles the mind. He has been criticised for archaic tactics and in the one year given to him, it is hard to see what he is supposed to do for the football philosophy of the team. Are we back to grinding out 1-0 wins with the hope that a Knowledge Musona can be reincarnated as the modern day Peter Ndlovu.

And after the whole ‘we can sign any coach’ noise from Zifa boss Philip Chiyangwa, you can’t look at this and not feel a bit cheated. All talks of possibly getting legendary former captain Ndlovu as coach was even bandied about.

Perhaps it is Zifa taking too much stock from Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger’s philosophy that shorter contracts pay off more because players are hungry…

Well he is 19 points off the top in the Premier League, so do you really want to trust his word?

And like an Arsenal fan, you have to wish the coach well, even if you think someone else would have been better.