These six situations have replaced dating

Dating isn’t the same as it used to be and love isn’t as easy and innocent as it seemed to be once.

Half the time between keeping our jobs with the annoying moody bosses we spend most of our time talking to bae via text

So we have decided to compile the dating glossary you need:

  1. Ghosting –this is when someone you have been talking to suddenly disappears from the face of the earth or they just seem to stop talking to you.
  2. Mooning –This sucks! That awesome human being that gives you butterflies suddenly tops giving AF and they even block you. If you’re lucky they’ll turn off their notifications for your messages .
  3. Benching –it sounds exactly like you remember it .This occurs when someone keeps you around for the sake of you becoming ‘main bae’ for a second if he isn’t seeing anyone.
  4. Tuning –is when one person feels the other more and flirts and does whatever it takes to move from friend zone to bae zone.
  5. Exing –this person is stuck on their ex
  6. Textationship –you definetly in a text relationship – hope you come out to the real world soon.

Which one do you find yourself in? And what other crazy situations do you know of out there? Share in the comments below.