Oppah Muchinguri’s New Love Predicted By TB Joshua?

So the news about town at the moment is that ZANU-Pf Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri has found love.

Apparently the man in question is a pastor who was resident in the United States the pair have since been married.

Oppah Muchinguri

Oppah Muchinguri is in love, apparently

According to The Weekend Postthe development is as a result of TB Joshua predicting it. Muchinguri visited the controversial  Nigerian clergyman in late 2011 to seek guidance on problems in her political and personal life.

Back then she said of her trip:

I went to Nigeria to TB Joshua and told him I had problems with a number of politicians and family members… When I got there I told him of my problems. TB Joshua asked if I was a Christian. He asked if I was praying to God and I said yes. He then said God did not hear my prayers because I was angry. As a leader what you need to do is to open your hearts.

At that time she made no mention of TB Joshua predicting her recent marriage.

In Zimbabwe it is common cause for people to attribute fortune to the words of a ‘holy man’.  We think it works as  placebo and opens one to possibilities.

Good for her though…