Love Life

What I love

I love the smell of coffee, and the taste of soft vanilla muffins

I love the feel of fabric on my skin and the bright colors in the magazines

The black dresses that women wear with knee high boots

I love the sound of children playing and the silence of my room when I am alone

I love sleeping on my couch, and the Saturday morning sleep ins

I love airport goodbyes, I love hugs and kisses

I love new friends and the connection people make

I love sitting down and taking my shoes off

I love reading a books and I love writing letters

I love trying failing and trying again

I love the cold weather on my face,

I love waiting for the bus to come

I love worrying about whether the bus will come

I love working and complaining about work

I love loving my friends

I love the feeling of love

I love being in love

I love life.

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    I love this…

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