Harare Clubbing Types: Through The Eyes Of A Female

In Harare after the news article of women being banned from clubs after 8 pm I have gained a new appreciation of being out in Harare. This only added to my fears of clubbing, which is not as easy as it looks. Behind the glamour, at least an effort to look glamorous and hair extensions is an agenda. Each woman has a hidden agenda.

This brings me to the nomenclature of the different types of females out at the clubs. It is warfare when females step on the club scene. In Harare these fine species know how rare and special they are in the club scene. They are the most important element when they step up on the scene, because of this have an agenda.


The Hoochies

These girls can be spotted by a number of features. They leave very little to the imagination with assets barely covered. This means that somehow that their clothes must have shrunk because they shape every bump of cellulite on their legs. Their busts are busting out of their tops. They have low cut pants and somehow their belts are letting them down because their rear end is 90% covered. They have funky hairstyles, Mohawk weaves like Cassie, Plastic weaves and Nicki Minaj lashes.

They also behave in such a manner that all the crowd’s attention focuses on them. They look for a place with most lighting and nearest to the males in the area. As if that is not enough, they dance suggestively with each other. They get the attention they want alright. Barely dressed they continue their agenda to get attention even in the Winter season when the weather is too cold for their dressing. These are the girls open to having a little extra fun. Beware these type of girls could be the staggering drunk girl at the end of the night.

The guarded

These girls come with a guy-block. The guy being either a friend or a loved one, will help in blocking away the creeps and catering for drinks for the night. The guarded girls can either dress very nicely or very plain. They have no formal dress code because they are guarded from the creeps. The guys who do the guarding may incur the expense of buying drinks, but they benefit by being one of the few guys in the club with a female companion. So it is a win-win situation.

Some girls however come guarded by other girls, The Girl Guard. The girl crew will be dressed in butch clothes and have a natural way of deterring men by not looking feminine. These girls are guarding themselves and are not looking very inviting. These look like the type of chicks that will smash a bottle of beer and beat up guys in a bar fight.

Moral of the story is, there is no moral to the story. Each female out in the club has an agenda and you have to know where you fit into. Only two types of females in the club, the classy versus trashy.

These are the different type of typical girls out in the club, in the view of a female.

By Robin Chaibva (Fashion Blogger)

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  • Chitombodo

    Soo true, I guess I follow under the chicks which go to the club with the guard girls…they can be a burden at times, as they are “game” killers!!!

  • Mai Korsakov

    Surely there are more types of women in clubs. wat about the normal girls who are just out to have fun, wat about the cougars (they cant be classified as hoochies coz they have class)……………………………………………………..ete, etc

    • More articles on more different types to follow, watch the Soul Sista space for next week.