How To Friend-zone A Guy

I read a book about dating and how women need to understand the social norms of society in terms of dating and men in general. One thing that stuck in my head was this;

“A man can woo a woman, but a woman can never woo a man”

­­So the annoying thing about this all is that one guy friend that wants to woo his female friend. I think usually when this happens; the friend is looking for some female companionship. His female friend is an attractive girl, so he tries his luck. So as women, we can be wooed so we need to friendzone the guy without being as harsh. Any other guy you can reject, but you want him as a friend and nothing more. Friendzoning is also a good tool used when you are done reaping all the monetary and material benefits from a guy, but want nothing to do with him physically. A safe friendly way of disposing a guy, you have led on and you are pretty much done with.

Cold text replies

So when a guy is wooing he says stuff like “I miss you”. So if you intend on friendzoning reply with a rather cold reply like “Oh..”. After which you log off and ignore further messages from him.

The Three point rule

I was given this hint by a guy. It means when you are invited for an outing to hang out, bail out on him last minute. Make an excuse to not have to go and leave him in the cold. Any decent man, who is masculine, will give up after three disappointments.

The “Church” Hug

Guys get their good feel on that goodbye hug after an outing. So most importantly, do not dress up in your hottest when you want to friendzone a guy, just hope he is not into the laid back chick. After the hanging out, give a good old Church Hug. This is the hug that moms give each other after church service type of hug. The hug where you have zero chest to chest interaction is a sure way to seal the zoning.

At the end of all this, the guy will still have his dignity in place without the “I want to be just friends” statement. He will have it in his mind that he did not just get friendzoned.

Happy Zoning!


Miss Chaibvaness (Concrete Jungle Fashionista)

  • fungai faith

    i loved this one… certainly friendzoning a few blocks

  • i am sorry @ThreeMenOnABoat but i don’t like this article…

  • Cole

    This is how stupid broads like you get stalked and possibly murdered. Why not just tell him straight up you’re not interested?