Dating A Loser? 7 Reasons You Can’t Leave Him

So, ladies, you all have been through this. The man is a loser and he is not what you want in a man but you just can’t leave the fool.

This is how bad it is. He is not only not Mr Right. He is not a maybe. Or even like what you can handle right now until something better comes along. He is not even a pain-killer.

Head in Hands
Even this statue knows a loser when it sees oneAlex E. Proimos / Foter / CC BY

Wondering why you can’t leave. Here are some of the excuses reasons.

1. Family

Sometimes you get into the relationship because the family likes him. Also, his family likes you. So breaking up with him is pretty much breaking up with his family, even that random uncle from Murambinda.

2. He is not that bad

Sometimes you start rationalising. He doesn’t make your heart skip a beat but he is not a bad person. It is better to have a bird in hand than the other birds out there. Aiwa shamwari. You can’t stay with someone just because they are not that bad. Why be miserable then?

3. He’ll change

So this is for the loser who has bad habits.  Yes, we believe in the whole second chance mantra. However if there are serious, like super-serious character flaws, then you are kidding yourself. You decide to live with his temper or his tendency to lie or step off.

4.  Fear of being alone

This is one of the silliest reasons ever. When we say, ever, we mean, take that ever that you thought was the worst  of the lot, and then double it. Then when you double it, then multiply that by 2,349,284,802,934 and you will be close to the level of absurdity. Because you think you can’t take care of yourself.

Which brings us to the fifth reason

5. The Money

He takes care of you. Makes sure you live a life that you can’t get anywhere else. Takes you to nice places and the sort. So you think, hey, where will you get someone who does that for you. Well, we figure you are treating yourself like a glorified escort.

6. The Sex

Just because it is the best sex you ever had, it doesn’t mean they are the best for you. Sometimes people are in a relationship because they started having sex and then decided to become exclusive. Meaning, they didn’t really check to see if they were good for each other not.

7. He needs me

That is just arrogance. He was born without you,we are pretty sure he will live if you leave.

Our advice? If you are with a loser, stop being a loser by association and make that move.