Meet The Comics!

These are the comics who will be performing at Simuka’s First Anniversary


If you thought race was an issue think again! If you thought the last statement was connected to CDE Fatso then think again. CDE Fatso dishes out satirical content mixed with the fact that he doesn’t sound how he looks…come and see for yourself on Friday!

The comedian with least sounding Bulawayo name in the history of stand up comedy in Zimbabwe (hoping that sentence makes sense) Clive is one of those comedians no one wants to perform after hence he is last on the list of comedians performing on Friday…the funniest dude in Zimbabwe.

The journey from Bulawayo will put the General in a bad enough mood to dish out insults and roast anyone in his cross hairs on Friday. Award winning comedian and festival winning comedian delivers punchlines with military precision and high casualty rate…come with medical aid intact it will be fatal.

Sometimes there’s just stuff we don’t like to talk about, some secrets we don’t want the world to know, some things we did that we were ashamed of…well the Doctor will psycho analyse, expose and rip open that closet and leave you red faced (well if you aren’t very dark in complexion then it would be navy black with shame)

The King of Comedy takes on the late King of Pop (MJ) with twists and turns and a journey in comedy that will leave you somewhat traumatised and begging for some level of sanity. Let the King take on Zimbabwe’s celebrities, hmetro headlines and detergent throwing antics of the countries elite.

The host on the anniversary with a sole mission of keeping the event running smoothly and the audiences amazed at just how much kak he can dish out in a 2 hour show. Carl has the single job of representing the comedy industry and showing all the important guests at the show what it takes to make people laugh, how to embarrass politicians and how to roast a MANETA!

The MAPOSTORI ambassador, the face of Masowe, the beacon of VABATI veVHANGERI and the jester of MADZIBABA. Uncle Sam’s look does not match the nonsense that spews from his mouth or the ideas and messed up ideologies thereafter.

I just cant write anything coz I cannot stop laughing at how funny this guy is…I mean seriously just look at him! The chosen one of Zimbabwean comedy, in the spirit of the Olympics he is to comedy what Kirsty Coventry is to whatever it is Kirsty does very well.

If there was an award for best newcomer in comedy then Q the Boss would definitely be the right guy to show us where he lives. Q the Boss is the only Zimbabwean Stand Up Comedian to perform with a bottle of Bohlingers that has been poured halfway into a glass (a feat no other comedian has mastered)

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