Zim Officially Appeals SA Court Decision

Zimbabwe has officially appealed the decision of the South African Supreme Court to allow the auctioning of property in Cape Town.

The Sunday Mail says that Attorney-General Mr Johannes Tomana has tasked a legal team in that country to appeal the decision on the basis of the Geneva convention.

Tomana says there were no exceptions to the rule on diplomatic immunity. According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which was instituted in 1961, diplomatic matters should not be subjected to litigation, unless such cases are extreme. All diplomatic processes are not susceptible to lawsuit and prosecution. In essence all properties cannot be auctioned and the sort.

Tomana also added that the court did not respect Zimbabwe’s status as a sovereign nation.

Zimbabwe has also asked the ANC to intervene.

Looks like it will be a bruising time between the two countries. The diplomatic stand-off is already on. The two countries are not exactly chummy right now. These are indeed interesting times for politics in Southern Africa especially with elections in Zimbabwe set for six months from now.