Zim Asks ANC To Intervene In Property Case

Zimbabwe will ask the ANC to make what it calls a ‘political decision’ as it seeks to have a directive to sell property in Cape Town auctioned.

A court in South Africa decided to throw out an appeal by the Zimbabwe government against the implementation of a SADC tribunal directive. The tribunal’s mandate has since been drastically reduced but the Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa has decided that its judgement should stand.

Zimbabwe insists that the judgement is illegal as it had not ratified the now abolished tribunal. It pretty called the 77 farmers troublemakers. It will now seek to have the ANC intervene. Harare also did not have kind words for the judiciary saying that it was still stuck in apartheid.

Zimbabwe also warned South Africa:

South Africa must be careful. They must respect the sovereignty of Zimbabwe. They have properties here and given that there are unspeakable abuses that were committed during colonialism and property was damaged, nothing stops us from seeking compensatory damages here and attaching those properties.

This matter as we said yesterday has still a got of legs and it looks as if Zimbabwe has decided that it is willing to go all the way in this end-game.

With information from NewZimbabwe.com