ZANU-PF Gaining Support While MDC-T Bleeds – Survey

ZANU-PF has gained 17% supporters in the last two years while MDC-T has shed 18% in the same period a survey revealed.

The Freedom House survey published in South Africa yesterday revealed that of the 1,198 people interviewed between 23 June and 7 July, 2012 with 53% stating their political choices, 20% said they would vote MDC-T(down from 38%) while 31% said they would cast their vote in favour of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-Pf party.

Sadly 47% said they would not vote, including those who declined to state their preferred political affiliations.

Also interesting was that an overwhelming majority trusted the news dished out by the state broadcaster ZBC, especially radio. Only a small 7% believed Voice of America’s Studio 7.

73% said they wanted new elections within the next two years. While 75% approved the economic turnaround achieved by the inclusive government, they generally wanted elections sooner rather than later.

The survey also showed a hunger for reform within ZANU-PF.

Perhaps the honeymoon is over for the MDC-T. In reality both parties are now going to have to offer policies that matter to the people.

As expected, the MDC-T did not agree with the results.

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