Former Zambia President Banda in SA ‘Seeking Asylum’

Former Zambian president Rupiah Banda is in South Africa ‘seeking asylum’ according to current head of state Michael Sata.

Sata told reporters that Banda was avoiding charges related to corruption while he was still in office.

You don’t know why Rupiah Banda went to South Africa. [It is] because he is looking for asylum. But he doesn’t know that we can go to South Africa and extradite him, and come and remove his immunity here.

Banda handed over power to Sata in 2011 and some of his former allies have since been arrested.

It seems as if it is the in-thing in Zambia. When a new president gets into power, he investigates the one just before. Remember Mwanawasa and Chiluba? Of course they wouldn’t dare touch Kenneth Kaunda.

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