Welshman Ncube Shoots Down Election Pact Idea

The leader of the smaller formation of the MDC Welshman Ncube has shot down the idea of an election pact against ZANU-Pf with the more mainstream MDC-T led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Ncube said in interview  with Radio Dialogue said his focus was in building his party, to contest an election and win. He said his party had no interest in begging to join up with other people, especially those who do not want to talk to his party, saying such a thing was ‘extremely offensive’. A pact with any other party was not on their agenda.

There has been noise being made all over the Internet that a pact was in sight.

Elections are set to be held this year.

Listen to his comment below. It is about 1 minute and 17 seconds long:

If you can’t listen to here, click on this link.