UK Border Agency Discriminating Against Africans

A report has revealed that the UK Border Agency has been rejecting visa applications from Africa for flimsy reasons.

One excuse that was highlighted is an instance where one man was refused entry into the UK to visit an uncle because they had different surnames.

We have come across different stories ourselves of a similar kind. We know of a person whose husband is allowed into the UK but she has been denied access on several occasions with flimsy excuses always being given. On one occasion they even claimed they were not convinced that the two were married.

The report also stated that some of the reasons for rejection of applications were not based on any information that was originally requested.

The Agency says that it will improve but meanwhile, an African making an application for a visa will be as worried as a motorist in Zimbabwe coming across a roadblock. You may have everything in check but you never know what they are going to claim you did wrong.

With sources from BBC