Now Tsvangirai Wants To Talk To Mugabe

Fomer Zimbabwe prime minister and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said that he wishes to engage President Robert Mugabe.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai wants to have a chat with President MugabeNick-Clegg / / CC BY

He said he wished to talk to the presidency over the Highlands home. quoted him as saying:

Mugabe is a reality; he is the President even if it’s through subterfuge.

Mugabe has been sworn-in as president and there is nothing wrong with engaging him not just about my own personal issues; we still have outstanding issues regarding where the nation is going.

We have approached his (Mugabe’s) office to seek an appointment but I have not got any response yet but I hope one of these days, people will come round to understand the importance of national engagement.

MDC-T had said that it would not engage President Mugabe and his government on any level after elections whose results it disputed.

  • bayhaus

    There is certainly nothing wrong with, backtracking and accepting you made a mistake. Normally its a the bigger man who can do that. But an even bigger man would be wise to hold his mouth and whathes what he says. And as a leader of party haa I really feel sorry for the MDC guys cos it must be painful being led by someone who is constantly flip flopping.

  • 🙂 When reality strikes home. The nail has been driven right into the thicket.