THREE tips on how to block topics you don’t want to see on Facebook

With so much drama on social media, we have come across people asking, how they can block content without necessarily unfriending people or leaving Facebook altogether.

After all the Facebook experience is supposed to be about what you want to see not what you are forced to look at by the loudest voices.

So we have three tips.

Hide post or unfollow

On the top right of a post if you click the three dots a drop down menu comes up. If you click Hide Post Facebook will offer you less content like this from the user. And if you click on a click more with similar content from other users it will show even less content of a particular nature on your Facebook timeline. So content from your favourite activist you like when they are not doing activism will still appear. Unless of course you click Unfollow [insert name] which will while not unfriending them, will mean you will see no posts from them.

Edit your group settings: This one means going to groups and clicking on Notifications which appears below the cover image on your left.

You see options below that range from All Posts to Off. This way you do not have leave the group if say you have it turned to off. Choose the option you want so you can decide what you want to see.


Google Chrome has extensions such Rather (it turns certain posts into cat videos or whatever you would rather see), Politicians to Poop (which turns all political commentary to poop) and FB Purity (which you can create a list of keywords that you want filtered out of your timeline.

So you do not have to leave Facebook to enjoy the experience. Of course some will say you will end up in an echo chamber, but what is the point of social media if it makes you unhappy?