TB Joshua To Visit Zimbabwe; Set Up Church Soon

There are murmurs doing the rounds that controversial Nigerian Church Leader TB Joshua will be visiting Zimbabwe soon, with NewsDay saying as early as next week.

Already a notice had been posted in Ruwa that he was buying land to set up a church in Zimbabwe. Of course that should have a lot of people who have their money-spinning ventures as the Nigerian has become something of a cult figure in Zimbabwe given his recent ‘prophesying’ of the death of Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika. We all know what it means. Loads of money for the ‘prophet’ and his congregation. The masses will eat it all up.  But then again, he has to deal with the star power of one Emmanuel Makandiwa.

The speculation of a visit stems from the  fact that Joshua said he would be visiting a ‘troubled’ African country and meeting its president. Mind you there are a loads of troubled African countries so it could mean any country really.

But we in Zimbabwe love to speculate.