TB Joshua At It Again; Predicts Death Of Argentine Leader

Two weeks after saying he had ‘prophesied’ the death of Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika, Nigerian religious leader wasted no time in predicting another death.

This time he has taken his eyes off the continent and said that an Argentine leader will die. He told thousands of his followers at the end of his second church service which was aired on Emmanuel TV:

I see death of an Argentina leader but he/she can be saved if there is no operation. He may go into a comma but will come back to life later.

Now we all know that Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had a thyroid cancer scare as recently as December 2011. She then had her thyroid removed. It had been suspected to be cancerous but her her office denied it in early 2012. That the good ‘prophet’ should then say he ‘foretells’ of her death – if she is indeed the Argentine leader – given her condition is of some awkward interest. He then says that the people of Argentina should come and see him so as to find out how to deal with the whole matter.

Makes you wonder if he has an inside track via a doctor or something of what is really going on with these people.

Not satisfied with that one ‘prophecy’ Joshua went on to say that a religious leader would die soon:

I see an old, respected and great man of God going to rest. This is not death but rest. I give more details in upcoming services.

Given that most religious leaders are old, it could mean any of them, really.

We expect the backlash from those who disagree with us.


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