They are scared of children – Malema

Julius Malema says the ANC leadership is scared of the Youth League, calling them cowards unwilling to face them.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Mail  Malema said his political career was still alive and kicking. He said he would fight tooth and nail and reiterated his intention to lead the ANC one day.

Among the other issues he touched on were racism in South Africa. Malema said that his country was not a non-racial country.

They [the whites] have become very arrogant and they have gained too much confidence and they see our approach of reconciliation, that of forgiveness, as being cowards.

They control everything. They hold 80 percent of the economy. They have got huge influence in the judiciary, they have got huge influence in the media and even in politics. Some of them have even co-opted some of our leaders into their neo-liberal agenda of undermining a progressive change. So you should not undermine their influence and actually they have noticed that because there is some lack of unity amongst the freedom fighters, that represents an opportunity for them to infiltrate us and to regroup and still perpetuate the apartheid laws and an attitude by manipulating the democratic laws. So they use our own laws, they use our own state to actually continue with their agendas of making the black majority South Africans suffer. And they do that unashamedly, some of our leaders are part of that now. There are some amongst us who have just sold out and are not prepared to continue with the struggle.

Malema also spoke of the relationship between him and President Jacob Zuma  saying that he regretted having backed him. He also speculated that the strained relationship between Zuma and ZANU-PF may stem from the fact that ZANU-PF had a close relationship with Thabo Mbeki and that the current ANC president was punishing them for that.

On speaking of his wealth Malema carried the same line about his credit-worthiness –  at least he is consistent on that one.

On the whole it was an interesting interview with some nuggets and a few things not really worth note.

For the full interview you can view it from The Sunday Mail  by clicking here.

  • I really do not know why anybody would want to interview this
    has-been! I certainly would not read his opinions – they are TOTALLY irrelevant!!