Sarkozy Loses French Presidency To François Hollande

Socialist François Hollande was elected president of France on Sunday. Sarkozy conceded defeat shortly after the polls closes.

The results made Sarzoky the first French President in more than three decades to lose a re-election bid. Partial official results, with about half of the nationwide votes counted, showed Hollande with 50.8% compared with 49.2% for Sarkozy.

Some critics say that the New York sex scandal that technically ruled Dominique Strauss-Kahn out of the presidential race gave François Hollande a good chance to be head of state.

Sarkozy always had an odd relationship with the people of France. He was accused of presenting hard-line views about France’s future and his proposals to immigration laws did not go down well with most people.

His problems were further compounded by the economic woes that France and Europe are currently facing.

We will see how François Hollande will handle the country’s debt crisis and how France will conduct its military and diplomatic relations particularly with Africa.