Sanctions To Stay – EU

The EU will not be lifting sanctions it imposed on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his allies, the EU has said.

This is in contrast to what ZANU-PF Central Committee member Professor Jonathan Moyo told a press club meeting in Bulawayo on Thursday. In it he said that sanctions would be suspended on 23 July. There seemed to be even more credibilty provided by British broadsheet The Telegraph which said relations between the bloc and the UK on one said with Zimbabwe on the other would be normalised.

A spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton however said that while there was a policy review on Zimbabwe sanctions removal or suspension was not one of them.

The spokesman said it is only once elections are done and the EU likes the result then they will lift the sanctions. It was not directly in those words but you know what they mean when they use loaded terms such as ‘satisfied’, ‘will of the people’ and other buzz words.

So-called ‘targeted sanctions’ were imposed on ZANU-PF in 2002 by the EU.

  • Lawrence Hoba

    and what the creepers does EU mean by like the results.. they can keep their sanctions, and we will determine whats like-able to us..