Roy Bennett’s Name-Calling Is Unfortunate

Roy Bennentt really doesn’t like Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. He hates him so much that he has called him a “diseased village dog”.

Not only does he not like Mugabe but he has gone on to pretty much call his MDC-T colleagues sell-outs for giving Mugabe legitimacy by joining up with him in the ‘Government of National Unity”. He then pretty much called either Finance Minister Tendai Biti –  MDC-T’s Secretary-General – dishonest by saying that the quotes in the Sunday Mail absolute lies. In that interview Biti praises Mugabe. Biti has not said that he did not make those remarks which means either Sunday Mail lied or Biti, well, conned his friend.

Bennett made his remarks to Voice of America (no surprise there) recently.

Now, we find his remarks disturbing. Going around calling political opponents will names may win you points with hardliners but with the majority who are moderate, you will look like a fool. Yes, Bennett is bitter about the farm – he doesn’t care about democracy –  but the reality is that that kind of talk is not becoming of anyone who should go around calling themselves a leader.

You may have a point but it gets lost in bad language at the end of the day. Resorting to name-calling is a sign of weakness. It makes people call you names. It makes you vulnerable to labels such as ‘unrepentant Rhodie’.

Soon enough, people start ignoring you like a madman. They will let you rant but that will be it.

  • Teflon

    one-sided article. i’ve heard the same if not worse come out of the mouths of other “leaders”. but of course, its conveniently left out of your article as you generally do in your articles when it comes to politics. not that i’m justifying bennet. very poor on his part.

  • One must inform whit people who live in Africa that helping themselves does not equal justice