UN Rights Chief Calls For Suspension Of Sanctions On Zimbabwe

It looks as if ZANU-PF has found a strong ally in its fight against the target sanctions imposed on members of its party.

U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, who just concluded a five-day visit to Zimbabwe, has said that these sanctions should go, at least until after elections as they harmed the poor more than the people they purport to show disfavour to. She said there was a notable impact on exports and imports as these sanctions acted as a disincentive to foreign banks and investors. While these are not intended they affected the wider economy.

For the longest period western nations have claimed that there was no effect on the poor and claiming that the bad economy was only due to land invasions and the lot. Having Pillay come out and not tow the party line will come as a boost to Zimbabwe as it fights to have these removed.

Relations between the west and Zimbabwe have been sour ever since the land invasions took place with accusations of human rights violations being the reason they have been giving for maintaining them in spite of the fact that there are countries with much worse records allowed to run scot-free. Recently Zimbabwe and the European Union held high level talks to try to bring an end to the impasse and the sanctions were front and centre in these discussions. Since then, Zimbabwe’s Attorney General has sued the EU in an effort to have the sanctions removed.

Am not sure the west will react to her words though.

With source:  AP