President Mugabe ‘Returns On Wednesday’

With speculation going overdrive around the status of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s health, his aides have said that he will return from his Easter break in Singapore on Wednesday.

President Mugabe has been in South Asian country since March 31 on a private visit. News agencies across the world had quoted the Zimbabwe Mail, claiming that the president was battling for his life in a hospital in Singapore. What has heightened it is the death of Malawi leader Bingu Wa Mutharika, which TB Joshua, a Nigerian religious leader claims to have predicted. Add to that the Emmanuel Makandiwa ‘prophecy’ of last week which he then sanitised after it had caused quite a stir.

His aides have however responded by saying that it was all much ado about nothing. The cabinet meeting which he chairs on Tuesdays have now been moved to Thursday, for this week alone.

We are pretty much used to this sort of talk when the president goes to Singapore for whatever reason he chooses to go there. So we are unlikely to spend too much time speculating. Whatever is or isn’t really going on we have no control over so there is no point fussing over it, is there?