Of President Mugabe And Those False Prophets, Mediums Comments

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has come out against spirit mediums and what he called false prophets and spirit mediums.

Speaking at a funeral he said there were only a few people practising religion the right way and pretty much branded most Pentecostal churches as false. He said that some had stopped going by the way of the Bible and were no more interested in the gospel of prosperity. he added that some of them were more about causing pandemonium than helping situations.

He didn’t have anything affable to say about the multitude of spirit mediums. He said some of them used marijuana to help them into what appeared like a trance state.

Now the president is now one to shy away from controversy. You can ask the Jamaicans and they can tell you all about that.

This new bit of lashing out will no doubt upset the Makandiwa-Angel people who will call him all sorts of names or say they will pray for him.

There may be some people who are, well, spiritually gifted but the reality is that a lot of this lot is in it for the money. The whole church thing makes a lot of money and these guys know that. By spending enough time watching TB Joshua or one of his lackies, one can mimic the whole thing and get away with a lot.

In as far as how this affects his party, politically, Mugabe is no fool. His vice president is part of a Pentecostal. The president is a Catholic and rolls with the vapostori too, who are kinda like Makandiwa and friends.

This statement was neither careless or accidental.

And what is the worst thing that Makandiwa-Angel –  if he is talking about them – do? Politics is an ugly game.

Ask Pius.