PM Tsvangirai Trip To Democratic Convention Ill-Advised

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has run off to the United States to the Democratic National Convention on MDC-T business in the middle of a crisis back home.

Now, a man is allowed to go and see his friends as he wills. ZANU-PF has made a habit of going to see other ‘revolutionary parties’  when they choose. However timing is everything.

You can’t just up-and-run when you are supposed to have a meeting with other principals over the critical issue of the new constitution.

For the PM this is a visit to a group of people he says have supported him from Day One. After all the ZIDERA Act was mostly sponsored by the Democratic Party (current Vice-President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were two of the three sponsors). We get that. We don’t necessarily roll with it but we get it.  Why though would he open himself up to criticism for running every time things get hard? The timing is absolutely awful.

Some will talk about President Robert Mugabe going to the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Iran recently while stuff was happening but that was a Zimbabwean obligation not a virtually private one. Sure he was representing his party but it can hardly be said to be Zimbabwean business.

Surely he could have sent representatives.

Of course he has the benefit of a very docile populace so there will be little reaction to this other than quiet defections but as we have always asked, who is advising him?

Maybe he feels if he is not talking to the other principals directly then they can’t challenge what he thinks.

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