PM Tsvangirai Wants Australia To Suspend Sanctions, Conditionally

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is in Australia the on a 3-day official visit and he called on the country to suspend its crippling sanctions on Zimbabwe.

He said the suspension should be suspended on good behaviour and should be removed permanently if there is a free and fair election.

In essence what he was saying was that if his party wins –  which is his definition of free and fair elections – then the sanctions should go forever. If he should lose then the sanctions must return and remain in place until he wins. Also it means that now, ordinary Zimbabweans have to vote in his favour if the sanctions are to stay suspended.

PM Tsvangirai was at a lunch hosted by Prime Minister Julia Gillard Tsvangirai and praised the efforts by the inclusive government towards bringing some sort of sanity to Zimbabwean life.

PM Tsvangirai also said his visit was meant to convince the Aussies that Zimbabwe was ready to re-engage with them, politically and in business. He says a positive re-engagement will see ‘even the military [benefiting]  from a thriving economy’.

Australia has since said it will take his advice on board in making a decision.