PM Blames Women For Harare Sewer System Problems

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has come up with a new strange theory for what is killing the Harare sewer system. He blames the women for it.

He says women and solely women’s dish-cleaning skills and habits are so bad that they they are clogging the sewer system.

PM Tsvangirai said that sand being used in dish-washing was the core reason why the system was so bad. He added that babies – yes babies – and blankets were also being discovered in the sewer system.

Now it is very possible that sand may be coming from women who are cleaning pots. We have seen that happen. But what about the men who do the same. Are they exempt from blame too? What about the sand that gets into the system because there are so many open manhole covers and that sort of thing? Any chance that that too could be the reason.

It smacks of the last gaffe by someone in power when they said that the reason why HIV spreads so much is because women dress too nice.

We are sure that the good prime minister was not being nasty but you can see how a word out of turn  can send everything well-intentioned down the sewer… yes, the pun was intended.