On President Mugabe’s Return

Zimbabwe has been gripped by the return of its President Robert Mugabe who has been away since 31 March.

Why he has been away has been subject to various debates but we like to go with the official story. He is away on holiday. We like that story because the fact that he may be on a deathbed is both unpalatable and without corroboration.

The fever pitch of the return of the president to his country is much like the one when he came back from exile in 1980. The people had waited for their leader and he came back. They heaved a sigh of relief.

That he has not returned on tonight’s flight of course means that the rumour mill will now go into overdrive. Why is he not back? Is he still sick? Is he alive?

If this is a PR move on the part of the party to keep him the headlines, then it is a good move. A brilliant coup.

Whatever the case, the country needs its president back.

Rumour has it that he will steal in on the 6am flight tomorrow. But then that is just a rumour.