Motlanthe Accepts Nomination For ANC Presidency

South Africa’s Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe has accepted the nomination to challenge his boss Jacob Zuma for the presidency of the ANC, his spokesperson has confirmed.

This is after weeks of speculation in which Motlanthe had played his cards very close to his chest.

Motlanthe has the backing of only the  Limpopo, Gauteng and Western Cape provinces as well as that  of the ANC Youth League. So it would seem as if Zuma currently has the numbers to retain the presidency.

With three days to go before the Mangaung conference, this is a high stakes game because if he loses, it could pretty much mean he is frozen out of the leadership structures.

Unless there is something he knows that we don’t know. There had been talk that the decision to run would be made as a protest more than anything else, a statement to say things were not well within the party and by extension, the state.

Mangaung will be very interesting.

UPDATE: Motlanthe has accepted nomination for all positions he has been nominated for ie president, vice president, NEC additional member.

What will happen if he wins VP and he has to work with a boss he challenged.

  • Jack dee

    This should b interesting but honestly , blind or not for not knowing much about this VP I would like to believe that he could be better than Zuma as his leadership appeal seems much calmer , reserved in approach but again as a second fiddle Mayb the press played down a bit on him.

    I however stand to be corrected by those who know him better and hope the best for SA which soon will be going down the Zim way economically wether they know or would like to ignore it or in as much they like it or not !
    In my challengeable opinion I seem to have glimpsed the tell- tell signs in obsevations of arising issues !
    In SA ‘ s interest to maintain a democratic statehood it has to choose to” live and let live” or live and let die” in relation to the plight of it’s majority previously and still underprivileged !
    The unsavoury issues of economic imbalances hav to be given an open transparent approach Natioanaly rather than brush it aside until the the poor challenge it in an unpredictable ” mass movement” .
    That will b counterproductive as then forced concessions would have to be made under pressure”
    The road to democracy is never easy until u realize that and appreciate that the true meaning of democracy is relative to who is saying it ……..!

    • It is hard to see him winning

      • Jack dee

        Why ?

        • Because Zuma has more provinces backing him

          • Jack dee

            Oh that ! That no guarantee !
            U see that was then before there was another contender , now the juxtaposition is different , people now hav another option and the rest is history ! U know politics
            Unless I’m getting it wrong somewhere . Zuma has issues pending so overnight votes can swing with people weighing issues over individual candidates capabilities and what will be in the interest of the Party , Think Wat u mite want about Malema but he is still influential in SA politics but some in ANC erroneously regard him as expendable but supposedly they are correct then therefore so is Zuma unles Zima is ” more equal that others” which I very much doubt…
            I think Zuma is a liability to ANC and the sooner they relieve him the better

          • But 3 provinces backed Motlanthe and most of the rest the other guy, Zuma.

          • Jack dee

            Fair enough .
            But still lets await the pending finalisation

  • A Motlante win is a a romantic idea, but it seems all these challenges to Zuma were more of a smoke screen to keep the press busy like how Juju kept the DA busy in the last election. Zuma will win. With Mbeki it was a bomb from almost nowhere.